Experience it.

Four hands.

One experience.

Two masseurs.


My experience way outshined my expectations. Sometimes four hands are leading and following each other, sometimes it feels like a double-sized masseur is working on your body. Amazing.
Thank you.
/György Horváth/

Synchronous massage

This is something special that you have never experienced before. The synchronous massage therapy is an amazing relaxing and stimulating technique implemented by two massage therapists. This is far more than just a massage, besides the various elements from different massage and relaxation techniques; its concept is also based on the leading-following between your therapists, your body and the music.

Katalin Halász

Katalin has one of the most extensive experience in therapeutic and pregnant massage. This knowledge had an important role while she was making up Synchronous massage in strong cooperation with Attila Varga.

“Synchronous massage means a whole new level in massage to me. We have discovered so many new opportunities just by working together parallel – not only in sense of massage technique, but also in sense of the flow of energy”

Attila Varga

Attila is a Yumeiho and sport masseur, but he is also familiar with Swedish massage and
reflexology. He has met countless muscle and joint injuries during his many years of expertise. With Katalin Halász they have successfully built in the experiences of curing these problems to the program of Synchronous massage .

"In Synchronous massage we have the opportunity to work more thoroughly and sometimes by using two different massage techniques at the same time on the – in many cases – spastic muscles. That intensively helps to relax and brings the massage experience to a much higher level."
"There are moments when you can deeply immerse in life with honest joy… when you can dissolve in the moment with sincere trust. But sometimes, this is not a just moment, but a full hour. After expeiencing this you can go back to life feeling reborn, loved and fully charged, but their positive energy will accompany you much longer…"
/Kárász Eszter/
Synchronous massage has real dramaturgy like a good book that you can’t put down. It starts with the procreation of the connection and trust between
you and the masseurs in a relaxing and safe environment. The therapeutic
massage comes next that relaxes all your muscles and your nervous system. A real, deep flow experience accompanies the entire massage session due to the leading-following between the masseurs and your body and the strong connection with the music.

"We literally knead your body over from the bottom to the top during the massage session. We work with palms, fingertips, elbows and forearms that let us use and combine completely different massage techniques such as therapeutic massage, maori massage, sport massage, reflexology, acupressure, lymphatic massage. On this way we can relax your body and nervous system truly and entirely. In addition a very important part of the massage the purification of the meridians therefore the refreshment is complete. "
One synchronous massage therapy session takes 90 minutes altogether (70 min pure massage time).
One therapy session costs 16 000 forints or 55 euros.
Katalin Halász +3630 273 4995
Attila Varga +3670 673 0415
1024 Budapest, Lotz Károly u. 18.

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